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The Guide Of Blade And Soul – Assassin

ccording to the blade and the soul of the official website, the assassin was armed with knives, is a kind of mysterious occupation, agile, swift and gorgeous attack by dodge and sneak behind enemy lines, using Ninja dart, etc. and remote restraint in the night is the enemy, nightmare, is a poison, attack.

Internal force will not be recovered in the non combat state, so the management of internal force is very important. To sneak in behind each other, can get the upper hand fighting. A large number of moves needed in stealth state display, therefore can maintain stealth condition is the key to success.

The assassin at singled, make good use of the double stealth and two strokes can bring huge advantage. In stealth, the assassin has a variety of restrictions on the choice of the enemy. But the disadvantage is that the small number range of attack moves, life value is low, in many of the battle efficiency is poor, should be avoided. The toxin can cause sustained damage to the enemy, and may cause additional damage to some of the skills. After practice, the assassin’s moves will change greatly, that there is a clear goal for future development.

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Making the BNS PvP, PvE, and Dungeon skill point selections more useful

Hello. As of the current build, the PvP, PvE, and Dungeon “one click” skill point selections are pretty useless for most classes. As far as I can tell, they hail back from the days of Blade And Soul 1.0, and there were very little changes in the selections since then. One simple change can make this infinitely more useful. I’m sure you collect the data for skill point utilizations across all characters. So, have the buttons do something like this:

PvP: average of the skill selections of all Blade and Soul Gold or higher players in arena of your class in the last 10,000 games or all games in the past month

Dungeon: average of the skill selections of all players of your class that cleared the last 4 hero dungeons (last 10,000 players or last month)

PvE: average of the skill selections of all players level 40 or greater of your class in the past month, excluding level 45’s

This would really help players that are new to each class learn what skills would be most useful for each scenario, and also give experienced veterans interesting insights into the current meta. The skill points don’t need to be recalculated in real time – just calculate it once a month. There should be very little computational cost, and will make a never-used feature into a extremely useful tool. As long as you have the statistics for skill point usage, this should be a very simple script – even I can probably program it in a few hours depending on the data format. And I’m sure any game such as this will be saving these kinds of statistics.

Example of how it would help:

I remember as a new blademaster that I thought the only way to efficiently clear mobs at level 20 was to block and accelerate-counter (RB). I put all my first skill points in improving those two skills, and failed hard for many levels afterwards. This type of scenario could be greatly avoided by the above simple change, where the PvE would show much more efficient skill point assignments.

A veteran assassin who plays almost purely PvP, but want to try some dungeons, would find the dungeon button much more useful for figuring out what skills are needed when facing tough bosses rather than other players.

I realize that PvP builds might change for each class depending on what class they’re facing, but the averages should at least be a much better starting point than what is currently suggested. I also realize that PvE and Dungeon skill point usages may change with more available skill points, but again, this should be a better starting point than a Bm putting all his points in block with the first opportunity.

And a player see some flaws. Just his opinion of course:

Generally it would be nice to have something like this. It would also make leveling faster. But it would be useless for those who start at launch.

Also, the PVE spec “works” for most classes, as far as i know. Sure, it could be better, but nobody should have real problems i guess. You can most likely make something better out of your skill points if you chose to actually read your skills and think about it – you’ll have to do that anyway later in the game. Another problem i see is that if the system works really well, people will just press the button and play with what they got. I kinda dislike the idea that people wont have to think about how to play/skill anymore themselves.

Edit: When i read through my post i also realised that this would mean that most likely the build would be locked in place. It wouldnt change much. Let’s say there is a decent build for class X and 95% of players dont care and just press the button and play with what they got. That also means that 9500/10000 players will have the old build, even after a new (possible completely different) build was found out by the 5% who care. Not only do you not have the “best” build in this scenario, but it could even be some mixture of two builds, that doesnt even work at all.

And the biggest problem would most likely be to actually make the system work. It’s not as easy as it sounds as you, at any given point in your leveling process, will never own all skill points. So the question is… how to decide what to skill first? How to know what’s important skills. Maybe the whole build doesnt even work until you are 40+ and have some skillpoints in all required skills or so? The problem increases with hongmoon levels.

I doubt that it’s worth the effort. While it would definitely help new players, it also brings some disadvantages imo. Probably the best/easiest solution would be that they simply rework the build a bit. If at all. I mean, what we have works – maybe not perfect, but it works.

Views on the Questions that You May Meet in Blade and Soul

Recently, I have gathered a large numbers of questions that you may meet in Blade and Soul especially from the official forum. As a great number of players have shared their experiences on the forums, so our ByGamer team decides to show you some. Now you can buy Blade and Soul Gold online with cheap price.

As topic may indicate, there are some questions are regarding the clans, its roles, and its development ingame, basically in PvP scenarios. Hence my questions:

1. What is the main role of a clan in BNS apart from the usual meeting place for the likely minded people?

2. Will their be guild matches? i.e. 5v5 or team battles or guild war on epic scale thru alliances and what not?

3. Will their be ingame buffs by joining a clan?

4. Storage: Will their be a dedicated dojo or a place for clans? And likewise a storage space for players within these places?

Actually, most of you guys may have not in a clan in the beta, but from joining one through recruitment forums we know a little bit about them.

First of all, we think that ranking up your clan would be the main goal of a clan. Players can receive the rewards from fighting with enemy faction members contribute to leveling a clan. Just as I know, crafting is really crucial in clans. You can level up your characters by BNS Gold (Blade and Soul Gold). Players can get their workshops, and you can get perks like reduction on costs of equipment upgrade.