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5 Reasons Not to Play Blade And Soul

1. Soft Targeting will make you feel more of a life failure than you already are.

2. The West version has been INTERLY dumbed down. If the launch to west has been delayed for 10 years in a F YOU style, the version you just paid 25 bucks to get in early on…is a handicapped retarded brother version. (One example, in the original first story cut scene, you walk up stairs as dead people lay all around. In the new version they replaced the people models with CATS AND DOGS as if that is better? and yet, your first quest is to remove dead bodies from a beach: DERP. Most people won’t notice if you never played original, but your BRAIN should notice.

3. Ugly models. The artist is the artist that worked on a famous manga that uses the SAME art style that leaves “Stretch Arm strong” like models for all. Women have odd non human legs, boobs all banana, not really sexy and children with no nipples.

4. Skills and combat are nice to see, but you are hand held insanely. You can not fire off any attack when you want (like in TERA,e tC.) you need to be targeting an enemy. So you feel not just hand held through fights and role palying, but super boxed in and led by the nose.

5. P2W. It is not evident, but it is there (and not in all aspects) from lock boxes to repair hammers etc. Like those cheap Chinese 2D games, you can sign in and do other gimmicks to get one or two, but seriousness will require credit cards.

What are your reasons?

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Blade & Soul Blade Master PvE Guide

The Blade Master is a strong DPS dispenser class in Blade & Soul. Here is a Blade Master PvE guide which is hopefully helpful to players.

The Blade Master is one of the most popular classes in Blade & Soul. A Blade Master features a tactical melee that performs lightning-fast attacks and counters with his sword. It is a very strong DPS class with good timing. If you block attacks, apply retaliatory strikes and optimally rotate other skills, there will be the maximum amount of damage from the blade master.

Ultimate PvE DPS Blade Masters

With the right skills the Blade Masters can beat every enemy. He can also optimally fill his role as ultimate an opponent shredder. The right training skills are needed for the build. It is particularly important that you increase your chance to crit, because the damage output will be maximized again. But other skills should also be trained properly.

Therefore, we have put together all the skills of the Master blade with the optimal training for a DPS build. The selection is based on a character from the Asian version with Level 50 and Hong Moon-rank 7. In the Euro version, the level is only up to 45. But the following guide can still give a good overview of the Blade Master class.


You improve this skill so that you can focus on critical hits. You can never have enough of it in Blade Masters. In addition, capabilities for regeneration are rather rare.

Quick Draw

It is one of the skills that should be strengthened, so that you can get a buff on you crit chance.


It is a very important skill, especially for new players. Penetrating is directed properly to damage and after a block. The effect is even maximized.


At level 2, you get focus regeneration and more block options that are definitely useful.

Perfect Blow

This skill allows you to regenerate focus and also reduce the cool down.


This ability gives us additional Lightning damage.

Lunar Slash

Here you get a powerful attack by area damage caps.

Scythe Slash

It is a strong damage over time effect, which regenerates focus.


This allows you to get a better chance to critically hit, send a lot of damage and meet opponents who are drugged or otherwise impaired.


With this capability, you negate the coverage of the opponent.

Sword Storm

With this action, you break out of captivating effects and also align more powerful damage.


This ability can help evade and makes you faster. In addition, you can resist other effects and also end the state of freezing.

Blade & Soul: Blade Master Guide for Beginners

Main Features

– The internal forces will be automatically restored when not in combat.

– The strength of the Blade Masters mainly depends on the skill of each move

– There will be a counter when the block moves after breaking 0.5, which will cause dizziness to the target. It is the key to win in the battle.

– According to the block stats of the character, the damage will be reduced accordingly when the automatic block is triggered.

Solo Play

Blade Masters can use Block to counter or block the opponent’s attack, and then connect Stab or Upward Slash and other moves to deliver damage to the enemy. Block and various other skills can be used to beat the enemy without harm. There are a wide variety of movements to give damage and to deal with multiple enemies simultaneously. However, it will cost lots of internal force, which may reduce the efficiency of leveling up.

– Flexibly perform counters and draw a sword and easily connect floating moves.

– After dizziness and sword style, it can cause dizziness on target with increased the cool down.

– After the successful launch of counter, Spiral Slash is an effective means to restore internal forces.

Group Play

As a tank,

The Block is mainly used for defense. In the Block state, you can block or counter the attack from multiple enemies, which allows a combat with a number of enemies. The more familiar you are with the monster’s attack, the better you play the role of a tank with counterattack moves and attack.

As a damage output,

It basically takes various melee moves for output. At the same time, you can use SS’s Evade to avoid the opponent’s attack. In addition, Low Slash and others can be used to interrupt monster’s attack.

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Blackram Narrows Dungeon XP Boost to Help you Level Fast in Blade & Soul

NCSoft’s latest free-to-play Blade & Soul has attracted most of players addicted in this game.Blade & Soul is the latest MMORPG hit the western-market, since it released for two days, more and more people are reaching level cap. The amount of daily activities in BNS can be a bit overwhelming at first. Now, today we would like to share the Blade and Soul Tips for the newbie to level up fast and easy.

1. Do Main Quests and Daily Dungeons

Before lvl 15, the best way to level fast is doing main quests and an assortment of side quests, often all completed in one small area of the map. Every day go back and do your daily dungeons for your level, especially if soloing them is rather reasonable for you. This will get you some loot and a sizable XP boost.

2. Utilize XP Boosting food

To utilize XP boosting food. You can get some for free, or some with BNS Gold or buy some on the marketplace. However you choose to consume your XP food, it’ll provide a nice boost, and can even turn the game into easy mode for a few levels as you’ll quickly outpace the content. Hongmoon Soup is good for this, but while things will be faster, you’re also going to be stressed to get the most out of it, and I would only advise it for when you feel like your level isn’t keeping up.

3. Blackram Narrows Dungeon XP Boost

Blackram Narrows is the first dungeon in Blade & Soul & becomes available at around level 20. The dungeon itself is quite tough so it is highly recommended that you do it with a group of people. The dungeon consists of 3 ‘main’ bosses and a few mini bosses. Most significantly, if you complete the Blackram Narrows dungeon 10 times, you’ll gain access to the 400 HP bonus attribute which you can apply in the Achievements window (shortcut ‘U’ key) under Bonus Attributes. That’s a huge boon that you can’t ignore.

4. To be Premium Membership

You can also make investment in a BNS premium membership, 10% of all XP is a lot overtime, it basically means you only have to fill up 90% of your bar to level. That’s a big difference in time! The amount continues to grow as you have premium for longer / spend more in the store.

Blade and Soul’s Party Setting Changes

Blade and Soul team just posted a recommendation for some updates on the system regarding parties, specifically in dungeons. Feel free to buy Blade and Soul Gold here to well play the game.

As we know that the issue of party leaders has come up several times when running dungeons, especially with a pug group. The leader’s ability of changing the default loot settings from free-for-all and biding upon superior item to master loot without the intervention of any of the other players will be absurd. You can know it allows freely selected party leaders in a party to change the loot settings on the final boss and gain all the potential dropped loot for themselves. You can have more ability to gain the drop loot if you buy Blade and Soul Gold online. You can farming for moonwater tears, recipes, costumes, etc. from the final boss in the dungeon. Then most players would love to see a change implemented to the game system in which the rest of the players in the party would have some sort of voice in this matter and prevent the leaders from acquiring the final loot freely (without bidding).

At another side also came up in regards to leechers. It is said that the only scenario that the party leaders have to vote to kick some player is when they go offline. Finally, this allows players to join a party via dungeon lobby. You can enter the Blade and Soul dungeon and leech off its loots without even touching their mouse and their keyboard. You can find that this system is implemented to prevent leaders from kicking players out of a dungeon as a means to prevent “bidding wars” and/or targeted anger, but gamers believe some kind of order needs to add to prevent leechers from leeching in parties. You had better to buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold now:

Have You Experienced Blade and Soul’s New Servers?

Since Blade & Soul’s release has received such a successful reflection, the BNS’s servers now is working to open new servers for Blade and Soul players since the data shows that more and more BNS gamers are so excited to enter The Earthen Realm. But Blade & Soul servers are really reach the max capacity that makes large numbers of BNS players had to wait in queues to play. You may cannot feel how popular the game is now but I have to tell you that our team cannot promise BNS Gold here is enough for our customers, so you had better to buy BNS Gold as soon as possible now since its demand has been increased with a fast speed.

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Blade & Soul Open All Servers to New Character Creation

According to the official forum of Blade and Soul, the Blade and Soul team is extremely appreciative of the enjoyment surrounding the Blade and Soul as shown with gamers filling up their servers. Now our website is selling BNS Gold online with stable suppliers. Since most BNS players may have experienced during early access that started on 15th, January, the BNS team implemented a schedule of new character creation restrictions per server to explore population, and while it may have been unpopular, it greatly helped balance population across the 22 servers in Blade and Soul (10 in NA server and 12 in EU server). Hurry up, we provide you the cheapest BNS Gold now.

Blade and Soul Team less than a day into launch and since they have received large numbers of feedback, and then the Blade and Soul team have decided to open all servers for new character creation. Now BNS players can create new characters on any server. Well, as Blade and Soul team continue to monitor queues, server population, and new character creation, they may implement temporary new character creation restriction by server on a case-by-case basis. It is said that the server will have a lock next to its name when a server is restricted.

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Blade & Soul Detailed Guide: How to Choose the Best Profession Collocation

1. [The Forgekeepers (crafting)] + The Prospector’s Union (gathering) + The Stonecutters (gathering)

Production: repair tools and weapons

2. [The Radiant Ring (crafting)] + The Prospector’s Union (gathering) + The Stonecutters (gathering)

Production: craft stones, rings, earrings, gems and keys

3. [Acquired Taste (crafting)] + The Prospector’s Union (gathering) + Green Thumbs (gathering)

Production: cook meat, food, specialty food (ritual food)

4. [Soul Wardens (crafting)] + The Trappers Alliance (gathering) + The Tree Fellers (gathering)

Production: Craft transformation stones and soul shield pieces

5. [The Silver Cauldron (crafting)] + The Fish Network (gathering) + Herbside Service (gathering)

Production: Craft healing tonics, rapid healing tonics and antidotes

6. [The Earthseers (crafting)] + The Fish Network (gathering) + Herbside Service (gathering)

Production: Craft escape charms, polished shells, resealing charms, revival charms and easy learning

7. [The Merry Potters (crafting)] + The Tree Fellers (gathering) + Green Thumbs (gathering)

Production: Craft jars, pickaxes, bowls, refined material and easy learning (demon bell)

➨The Merry Potters is a profession that crafts the materials required by other six crafting professions and is a great profession to choose.

Professions that require the vessels crafted by The Merry Potters include: The Silver Cauldron, Acquired Taste and The Earthseers.

Professions that require the refined materials crafted by The Merry Potters include: The Forgekeepers, The Radiant Ring and Soul Wardens.

★The most profitable professions are:

Transformation stones crafted by Soul Wardens, soul shield piecesand gems crafted by The Radiant Ring

13 Tips for Blade & Soul Newbie

Since a lot of people seem to be confused, here’s how to salvage items:

Open your inventory. Look at the down left corner of the window. Press the salvage button and left click on the item you want to salvage. Here’s a screenshot to show you exactly where it is:

Of the top of my head here are a few things to help you have a better experience with Blade & Soul if you’re just starting and maybe save you some money and time:

1. Do not waste your repair tools carelessly. They’re a lot more valuable than you initially think. Only use them when your weapon is damaged / broken.

2. Do not waste your keys and charms on weapons you don’t need (the only weapons you need are the Breakthrough weapons, use keys to find them from chests that drop them, use a charm to unseal your class specific weapon)

3. Do not sell the weapons and accessories you find, they can be used as upgrade material so keep them for when the time comes. You DO NOT need to unseal weapons / accessories to use them as upgrade materials. If you run out of space at least salvage them.

4. Your weapon does not matter for arena PvP . Whether you use your training weapon or the best weapon in the game you deal the same damage.

5. Consequently, even broken weapons do the same damage so keep a weapon specifically for arena PvP use. Let it break. Never repair it again.

6. Your weapon only loses durability when you get hard CC’d (for example knocked down or stunned) or when you are defeated and enter falled down state (EACH time you fall down, meaning if you fall down, recover chi and fall down again you lose durability again). If I remember correctly, you lose 2 durability for getting hard CC’d and 5 durability for getting defeated.

7. Salvage soul shields you find from random mobs, they drop transmutation materials. The higher the soul shield’s level the more chance it has to drop this material.

8. In boss fights, if you’re playing Blade Master or Kung-Fu Master, you can block any attack with a yellow indicator. Attacks with red indicator are unblockable, just gtfo or use i-frames to not get damaged.

9. The game’s fullscreen is not actually fullscreen, it’s borderless window fullscreen. Press Alt+Enter at EXACTLY the same time to enter true fullscreen (do not hold Alt then press Enter). It might take a few tries until you make it. This doesn’t result in a big fps difference though, if any at all. Using true full screen also helps if you’re using dual monitor so that the mouse doesn’t escape to your 2nd monitor.

10. The game’s engine (UE3) makes it so left and right mouse buttons sometimes do not register all the attacks if you spam them. If you really want to make sure all your attacks are registered, you can use R.

11. If you have a mouse that has side buttons, you can use them in Blade & Soul by rebinding them on keyboard keys (for example “1” or “Tab”). The game does not recognize MB4 and MB5 so that’s the only workaround. If you’re using a Razer mouse you can make a profile for Blade & Soul on Razer Synapse and rebind them as you wish.

12. You can use RED upgrade gems at any level because they give the same flat experience, however you should keep GREEN upgrade gems for use later in the game to get the full value out of them, maybe combine them with upgrade tickets too (the ones that make sure you get the full upgrade exp etc.).

13. When crafting, you can log out safely without your orders getting cancelled. For example, place orders that take hours to complete before you go to sleep, they will be ready when you wake up.

There are 2 ways to make money:

1. Sell items on the marketplace.

you can make the most money by selling transformation stones crafted by the Soul Wardens faction (in beta Moonwater stones were being sold for at least 6 gold each) and selling crafting / crafted materials in general (Note: do not sell ores you find on the map, these are damn rare, keep them for yourself to use for crafting).

2. Do the PvP dailies, end game area dailies.

you start getting the PvP dailies at around level 30 if I remember correctly, these give you around 50 silver (it might be a bit less don’t remember for sure) if you complete them all, and the end game area dailies (mainly the Misty Forest area) can give you over 1 bns gold (don’t remember exactly how much either) depending on how many you complete.