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Introduction of Currency Exchange in Blade and Soul

There is a good new you should know is that the Blade & Soul Currency Exchange is now living in game! It is said that the Blade and Soul’s Currency Exchange allows for the safe and secure trade of BNS gold for real world purchased currencies between players. Well our website now provides Blade and Soul players cheap Blade and Soul Gold . Now buy BNS Gold here you can enjoy the game very well. For those of you that took part in Blade & Soul beta weekends, players may have already seen the Currency Exchange as the Blade and Team has tested its functionality. It remains largely unchanged, but BNS team has made several tweaks to the requirements and limits.

It is said that Blade and Soul players are able to access the Currency Exchange by pressing Ctrl+C, and then choose to place players’ own Blade and Soul gold for sale, or buy Blade and Soul Gold from others. That is to say buyer are able to purchase BNS gold from the Currency Exchange with NCoin, and as soon as you purchased, the NCoin will be converted to Hongmoon Coin and be delivered to the seller. Hongmoon Coin can then be used by the seller to purchase a large number of different items and boosts from the in-game Hongmoon Store. Besides, you can buy Blade and Soul Gold on Now, let us check out the details of the steps of selling BNS Gold and buying BNS Gold.

Selling Gold — Step 1: Place sell order on Currency Exchange, Step 2: Sell order purchased by other player, Result: Receive Hongmoon Coin

Buying Gold — Step 1: Find sell order on Currency Exchange, Step 2: Purchase gold using NCoin, Result: Receive Blade and Soul Gold

It posted that each sell order is capped at 1,000 BNS gold, and the number of sell orders that can be placed on the Currency Exchange are limited by amount of simultaneous orders, and total per day. See the Premium Membership overview for a list of Currency Exchange limits based on Premium status and rank. Standard exchange rates and expected purchase prices will be displayed by both buyers and sellers to help them make their decisions.

Blade and Soul New Dungeon Bloodshade Harbor: The Third Boss Cobalt Widow and Scarlet Widow Guide

The twin sisters Cobalt Widow and Scarlet Widow are the boss of the third region in Blade & Soul dungeon Bloodshade Harbor. Both of them are capable of using the skills of Force Master and Kung Fu Master. You have to deal with them simultaneously, and there is crit time. Therefore you’d better fight them without fail and kill them quickly.


1. The bosses change their classes according to the stage. There are obvious changes according to their health points.

2. If only one boss changes in stage with a gap in health points by 10k, the boss will release unlimited Flurry.

3. If the bosses share the same class, unlimited Flurry will also be released.

4. If you want to manage to defeat the boss, you need to make the twin sisters lose health points at the same time when switch the stage.

5. Cobalt is initially a Force Master, and Scarlet Kung Fu Master.

6. The boss who dies first will meditate and go into the invincible mode. The boss who meditates will respawn and rejoin the combat. That’s why you have to kill one boss before the other one finish meditating.

Cobalt Widow Attack Mode

The first stage: (Force Master)

Snowball → Snowball → Dragonwhorl → Impact → Defrost → Frost Tornado

The second stage: (KungFu Master)

Comet Strike → accelerate Comet Strike → Tremor → Footwork → Triple Kick → Leg Sweep

The third stage: (Force Master)

Snowball → Snowball → Dragonwhorl → Impact → Defrost → Frost Tornado

Scarlet Widow Attack Mode

The first stage: (KungFu Master)

Leading Palm → Leading Palm → Footwork → Swift Strike → Counter → Iron Shoulder → Comet Strike

The second phase (Force Master)

Inferno → Inferno → Dragonchar → Blazing Beam → Blaze Step → Impact

The third stage (KungFu Master)

Leading Palm → Leading Palm → Footwork → Swift Strike → Counter → Iron Shoulder → Comet Strike

Blade and Soul’s Staff Will on for Players’ Questions

That is the amazing news every Blade and Soul player, a group of NCSoft staff have agreed to have an AMA on the

The date:Thursday, 2/18 – 2-4pm PST (5pm-7pm EST)

Let us check out the staff:

Nicolas Coutant – Producer

Jonathan Lien – Assistant Producer

Linda Tsoi – Senior Community Manager

Bethany Stout – Blade & Soul Community Manager

You had better to views some ground rules previously before you join this event, and remember you can buy BNS Gold here. The rules are as follows:

1) If you’re asking questions, please remain civil and respectful at all times. If you ask things in a disrespectful way, your question will be removed and you’ll get a day-long timeout.

2) Top level comments must be questions. It’s ok to give contextual information, but this is an AMA, so the point is to have things in a question/answer format.

3) They are not customer service support. This is not the time to ask about any tickets you have with support.

4) Look for an answer before posting your question. After the first 3 minutes, questions like “When’s warlock?” have probably already been asked and answered.

5) Don’t expect an answer. They will answer many questions, but there is no guarantee that yours will be answered. Don’t get butthurt if they don’t answer you.

Are you ready for this activity and this is going to be a dedicated time for you guys to provide questions and concerns, and receive responses from Blade and Soul staff. Do not forget that you can buy Blade and Soul Gold on with professional delivery service.

Check out Blade and Soul’s Valentine’s Day Event

As most Large MMORPGs, Blade and Soul team has prepared colorful Valentine’s Day event for all the players. The event has started on Feb. 10th, though the end of Feb. 24th. Well, according to the official website of Blade and Soul, you know that the Valentine’s Day event is not only designed for celebrating love, also players can earn large amount of new costumes for your characters. And our website’s data shows that Blade and Soul Gold has reach a peak on Feb. 14th. There is an event called collection of event-specific White Roses and Red Roses, in which players are able to transmute for a limited time—a powerful new gem, and treasure-laden chest. We suggest you guys to gain more BNS Gold online to well play the game.

Let us have a look what you can receive in the chest.

1. Fireworks of Love *3

2. Hongmoon Unsealing Charm

3. Hongmoon Gemstone

4. Lucky Revitalizer

5. Red Rose

6. Naryu Coin

7. Spring Love

8. Naryu Silver

Each of these Transmutation recipes requires White Roses and Red Roses to complete, and each type of rose is obtainable through different types of content.

Collecting Roses

Blade and Soul players will receive a letter each day if characters’ level reaches 16 or above that. Players had better to take on a small task to honor their affection in-town and off to get whatever their little heart desires in the time allotted. Then return before they lose interest in them, and they can receive 4–5 Red Roses and Love Potion consumable buffs. Blade and Soul players also can buy a bundle of a dozen Red Roses once per day from the Hongmoon Store. Premium Members will receive a 33% discount on the Red Roses bundle. Remember to prepare enough BNS Gold online.

White Roses, however, are primarily earned as rewards from dynamic quests in the following dungeons:

Blackram Narrows

The Darkglimpse

Forgotten Tomb

Tomb of the Exiles

The Pigsty

Hall of Ogong

Brightstone Ruins

Skittering Tunnels

Blackram Supply Chain


Valentine’s Day Bundles

The Hongmoon Store will have a new collection of Valentine’s Day related costume bundles for purchase, which also include White Roses to go along with them. These bundles will adhere to the same costume purchase limitations of three purchases per account, per day.

Female Bundle

Pure White (costume) & Classy (glasses adornment)

10x Unsealing Charms

12x White Roses

Male Bundle

Lover Boy (costume), Lover Boy Bow Tie & Lover Boy Sunglasses

10x Unsealing Charms

12x White Roses

While these bundles are specific to the Valentine’s Day event, we have a bunch of new costumes—most of which are Valentine’s Day themed—now available or arriving soon. Head over to the latest Hongmoon Store Update article to see them.

The entire Blade and Soul’s Valentine’s Day event activities and rewards have mentioned above, do not forget to buy BNS Gold online to well play the game!

A Non-Moany Warlock post

So I’ve seen there’s a lot of people moaning about the Warlock release (whenever that may be) and complaining it should be released on the 10th or within the next few weeks however I just wanted to post about a different topic regarding the class.

I’m sure most of the post are by people who want to try it but how many of you plan to fully re-roll Warlock upon launch? What are you currently doing until it launches? Do you already have your appearance planned?

Personally, I’ve never played Warlock – even on other clients I’ve only tried Summoner which I main currently. However, I wish to try it when it comes to the West… I’ve seen cool PvP videos and even some ‘Let’s Play’ videos on YouTube which feature it and from what I gather, it looks like a hybrid of FM and Summoner (Magical attacks and summoning that demon thing)

~ Correct me if I’m wrong ~

I haven’t yet got their appearance but I feel it would be the same as my other Lyns (assuming they’ll release it to the Lyn race as I’ve seen screenshots of them on the other client)

Also, I’m putting little bits of Blade And Soul Gold from dailies and crafting away each day. Therefore I can buy some fairly good gems to aid my Warlock as well as upgrading their weapons quicker/more efficiently.

So how about everyone else? What are your views/plans? Are you re-rolling, just trying or not bothered about the Warlock?

The truth is they put it at the end of the preview video… and the community didn’t respond to much… They already said multiple times that they have it ready … they just need ” to press a key” and it can be in game… but people are not making enough noise on the site about it… so i guess u could even w8 for it until summer.

I think its a very bad PR decision… they didn’t release it because its “new” content… but the truth is they lost and will lose a lot of players who wanted to play it. They think that by releasing it later they will actually bring more players, by in the end they just cause people like u and a lot of others to leave. Already seen at least 30-50 posts (just how many didnt even bother to post or say anything?!) on eighter here/twitter/reddit of people that were leaving their game because of the WL PR. I mean its one think to not have a class ready and to tell the community that ur working on it, and its a complete diff thing when u tell them that u already have it ready but ur not releasing it… its a direct “fk u” to the part of the community that wants to play warlock.

I wanted to try it out for sure… but i probably will not because i already invested around 200-300g BNS Gold in my assassin, and at this point all my friends will be to far ahead of me, it will probably take me a lot of time if i start from scratch…

Even at this point if they release it, it will take some time for people to catch up… and yeah new players that start with their friends when its released or lone wolfs will have no problem with that but the players that play with their friends from cbt will have big problems even if they release it now… well its their company and its their decision how they fk it over.

Its a wonderful game … just a shame that bad decisions like this one are being made.

Relook Premium of Blade and Soul from a Playe

Recently a Blade and Soul player has posted an article said he considered Blade and Soul team has made a great game when it comes to combat, story, and visuals. And it is a fresh look at NA MMO’s with an old routine. He also criticize that questing is repetitive and boring but that doesn’t take much time to get through that and get to the interesting part PVP. And you also can buy Blade and Soul Gold online to help you on playing the game.

Some players may just not play a fighting game since on stop PVP gets frustrating and old. The regular MMO gameplay in this game gives some downtime and keeps me engaged. So overall great job on creating this game, he just wish it came to NA a little sooner. He said that he had paid premium for this game since he has been looking forward to it since it was in development in Korea. He wanted to support the game he was playing and he has no problem paying a monthly fee to do that as he have done so since EQ1 and every other MMO he have played. He bought a Master Pack because it gave me a monthly Subscription and unlocked the character slots to make alternate characters and dragon pouches to unlock inventory when paying the developer for initial release. Remember to buy enough Blade and Soul Gold online to well play the game.

Check out Blade and Soul Guide of Wheel of Fate Locations and Drops

Recently, Blade and Soul released the list of weapons for each wheel of fate is not yet complete as Blade and Soul team don’t have all the weapons on the site yet. Players are trying their best to work on adding these items. Also you can buy Blade and Soul Gold online to exchange what you need in game that will save you a lot of time and even help you to level your Blade and Soul characters up. Today, let us check out the details of the Viridian Coast and the Cinderlands in game.

Viridian Coast

Stalker Jiangshi

Location: Everdusk – Foshi Pyres.

Level 6, essences drop off the Stalker Jiangshi world boss nearby.

Drops: Stalker Weapons required for Hongmoon Weapon Stage 5 Breakthrough, Jianghi Raiment, Jiangshi Charm, Jiangshi Headgear, and Stalker Soul Shield 3/5/8 set. Remember that you can buy Blade and Soul Gold to exchange these weapons.

Cat Costumes: Bloody Jiangshi mobs nearby drops the Scaredy Cat costume, adornment, and headgear.

As we know this is the first wheel of fate players are going to encounter. If players don’t like farming essences to get weapons for their class, they can buy them for coppers on the marketplace.

The Cinderlands

Golden Deva

Location: Scorching Sands – Crescent Spring

Level 30, essences drop off the Golden Deva world boss nearby.

Drops: Golden Deva weapons required for upgrading Awakened Blight weapon Stage 10 to True Blight weapon, Deva Raiment/Aura, Deva Helm, and Golden Deva Soul Shield 3/5/8 set.

Cat Costumes: Mobs nearby (likely the dogs) drop the Twinkitty costume, adornment, and headgear.

Well, in order to activate the Golden Deva world boss, players need to kill the guard dogs next to him. They will drop orbs players are able to put in the lantern nearby to activate him. However, Blade and Soul Gold buy now can do great help for your characters in game.

Blade & Soul Heroic Dungeon Tomb of the Exiles Guide: Weapon and Jewelry Growth and Infernal Lord’s Horn Drops

In Blade & Soul, weapon and jewelry growth is one of the things that players concern the most. Most of the sacrifices required for weapon and jewelry breakthrough are available for purchase through the auction house.

Tomb of the Exiles is the second Blade and Soul heroic dungeon players encounter. If you complete the dungeon, you will be rewarded with powerful Soul Shield, weapons, jewelry, and precious pentagon gems box, weapon upgrade material infernal lord’s horn and cool infernal lord’s outfit.

Tomb of the Exiles is a level 36 dungeon in the Great Desert region. Players can receive the daily quest when hit level 35. Just like other dungeons, in Tomb of the Exiles there are two modes: 4-man mode and 6-man mode. Players will be rewarded with weapons and Soul Shield if they kill the target in the 4-man mode, and jewelry and outfits are the reward for killing target in the 6-man mode.

Infernal Lord Tips

It’s recommended that you get familiar with the attack skills and order of the infernal lord and the appropriate response to ensure adequate Health Points. QE and SS skills are recommended because they are very helpful.

Don’t be panic if you have a dying teammate. It is recommended to pull aggro so that your teammate can respawn. Don’t let the boss hurt the player who’s respawning. Players who don’t get aggro can F the teammate when only 5 seconds are left to save 5 seconds meditation time.

Don’t rush to do meditation if a player is dying. The first thing to do is to find a safe place and wait until the infernal lord has released the full screen skill before perform meditation.

Rationally use combo skill to interrupt the boss and protect teammates.

Blade Master, Blade Dancer, Assassin and Kung Fu Master are not recommended to use the floating skill which knocks the boss into the air. When the floating skill is used, only the long range classes can DPS the opponent while other melee classes can merely stay where they are and watch.

Have You Watched Blade and Soul’s Weekly Livestream: Bloodshade Harbor

As Blade and Soul team has claimed, Blade & Soul is going to be getting the “Rising Waters” update on February 10th. We know that this update includes three new max-level PvE areas. Recently the first one, Bloodshade Harbor, a 6- or 4-player Heroic dungeon, has released its Livestream that challenges players to go up against Blackram pirates, and Poharan’s boss Admiral Hae Mujin. Come on, just hurry up to buy Blade and Soul Gold here with cheap price.

Well, and the second new area is just the same place, Nightshade Harbor, but it is a 24-player version.

Have a look on the third new area is Mushin’s Tower Floors 1-7. We had better to know that this is a single player Heroic dungeon that provide players greater challenges in exchange better rewards.

Actually it is not all out of the “Rising Waters” update. It’ll also unlock five Hongmoon Levels to be gained after completion of a new quest – letting you gain experience beyond level 45, unlocking additional skill points for your character.

In addition, this update will mark the start of the PvP pre-season. A new in-game interface will show players how their skills stack up against other players. Players can earn and spend Zen Beans the game’s PVP currency once players start competing. Also players can buy another in-game currency, Blade and Soul Gold to make their characters be powerful. After the pre-season comes Season 1 which will, in a future update, let you earn high-level rewards for beating opponents.

Force Master PVP for 45 Level

People can’t move their character when frozen, not even turn. So if you manage to freeze someone AND get a chill stack on him there are little options left for them. I think SS still works but I am not sure.

Your chill disables most movement skills. Hence 3 points in Ice Coil so for example des or bm can’t just sit out your chill in block unpunished. Freeze however doesn’t disable movement so be careful in deciding when to go from chill to freeze.

Use all your skill consciously. This might net you a few losses but it will help your learning progress. Never press any skill (besides maybe unspecced Snowball) just because you have it.

Your Phantom grab is a great way to start a combo especially against the more block and counter heavy classes.

With 2 Chill stacks you can 4-1/4-RB-1 to start your combo or bait a tab trinket. If they use their trinket and you are against a class that only has one, you have to sit out 18s and then it’s time to have fun as the trinket has 36s CD. You can also do 2 or 3 after you finished your grab to get a free stun/daze in. I had a scenario against a BM that wasted his trinket. 18s later I made sure to have 2 chills on him and caught him in a double stun into double air combo.

On that point. Your Aerial Grip finisher disables defenses for 6 seconds. If you get it off on a BM for example it’s free DPS time for 6S as he can neither jump you due to chill nor block.

This is a cheesy tactic so use it at your own risk but you can open arena against melees with E-V. That way you just freeze when they jump you.

Many Classes have a gapcloser out of gliding that they will use in the opener if you let them. To prevent them just glide yourself. It’s that easy. Also other movement skills don’t work on gliding targets.

As described above you simply need a stun or daze and then press your fire tab to get someone into the air combo. Note that you CAN squeeze in a little extra oomph before actually grabbing them. Practice to get your LB-RB or reversed out in the shortest possible time as it is a great filler for situations like that.

Also after you knock them out of the sky with your 1 people have some different options.

Lay down and wait it out. That’s the worst possible solution as you can just freely do to them whatever you want. Note that you can stun and daze them while they are knocked down so no need to do any fancy timings.

Use Tab escape. If they got it ready while in mid air they can tab out of the knockdown. You can spec in most tabs so that they daze so it’s best to get a couple meters BEHIND the enemy before knocking him down. All tabs have some frames where you are still locked in the animation but are attackable. You can use this to chain more CC.

Option three is to retreat out of the knockdown. You see the KD coming from miles away so it’s not that hard. This is the reason why you want to be behind them rather than in front as they can’t turn before retreating. This one also has some frames where you can be attacked but are locked in the animation. If you hit someone with any form of CC after their retreat they are in HUGE trouble. This is called tech chasing btw if you ever wondered about that term.

Here is a video of the “basic forcemaster combo”