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FIFA managers to explain the use of managers who are good


FIFA managers skills, although the manager didn’t need to control, but the requirements for the whole team and tactics in the hard power of top players. Correct choice and tactics board changes are will greatly improve the winning team. Next, please see idealism 1 the FIFA Manager skills to explain.

I play managers also have some experience, basically every season is a legend.
Manager Mode
First of all, we talk about the significance of the manager model, maybe you will have a new understanding
First.Fifa as a football game by its success and shortcomings. Is the inadequacy of the details of the individual processing does not reach the designated position. Pull the ball as a bug. But as a competitive game, players can through unremitting enhance technology intends to fill the details of the game to deal with the problems.

The biggest problem with this game is the delay. We all know that the Internet as a tool to connect the world, he should not have regional.
The success of this game, I think the manager mode can barely known. Because a 1v1 class B internationally the face of the legendary C internationally is no room for the resistance. And in manager mode, all these are possible. Because this is football, everything is possible. I in the legendary Dan, was lost to 40 million trumpet. Blood abuse over 17 million Venus internationally. Because this is football

Personal experience
I want to tell you that manager mode is the most critical is the number of players, to you not wrong is the number of players. Careful consideration, you readily point automatic selection of players in front of the arrow is all blue. Don’t happy? You some automatic selection not Pogba to play side guard. Matic to play fullback, Didier Drogba to play the embarrassment of winger. Don’t you worry? Make the most of everything that comes along their way to give full scope to the talents, this is manager mode the key. So the number of players most important
Manager mode is the most important is that the players level. In my squad 3 2008 Steven Gerrard in about 8 when no matter how good the state, automatic selection has been to the bad state of 08 small pressure on the bench. So players level is the most important. Every day to 10 level experience card to rational use of
Formation. Many good players need good tactical arrangement. Now the mainstream of formation can be summarized as 325 4114 244 415 and so on and so on. See someone here will say this isn’t in line with the formation of football. Well, I only said a coach are spot evolutions. If real golf course and club design of the game are the same, the midfield space compression
Following simple explain restraint lineup problem. If the 4114 RW changed to RM against 415 325 winning percentage will moderately, 325 face 415 winning ratio higher. Traditional 4114 across most of the teams are 55 open, watching life. After all the defense is weak, but back more highlights. While facing the opposite team in the presence of RW and LW. Lineup of LDM or RDM RB LB set to LWB RWB will have good performance.

Choice winger. In fact, do not have to use inverse foot. I use bell playing RW effect is good. Winger on the main strength, after all, if inscribed into it. Facing the goalkeeper. Both feet can also, after all, professional players. But I want to tell you!!!!! Bell is not good. At least in managers is this. Often the flank belt end, pass out of bounds. Or that short. Is because a lone wolf the hidden, so caution!

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fifa 16 To adjust the conflict of chemical reaction in fut.

At present, the already in the PS4, Xbox one and PC platforms for the update, the main contents of the update to adjust the fut (ultimate team, the ultimate team, fut recruited mode) caused by chemical reaction of conflict events.

In chemical reactions, i.e. fut recruitment patterns, by allowing players to conflict and / or produce chemical reaction is conducive to enhancing the overall strength of the team. How to make good use of chemical reaction will be one of the key factors to win. In the continuation of the classic elements of , also joined the more innovative elements, let every year a game to keep fresh.

Official in the update said. “This time we update is mainly for some fut may cause chemical reactions conflict events adjusted. Is different, the content for all fut fans are the same, but only a part of the fut event, we will made some changes, to ensure that the symbols to be accommodated by the all the events in the game.

As we have mentioned in a recent communication between players and we will share more information about the fut, and this information will be continued until the sale of . We will be announced as soon as possible other platforms to confirm the sale of intelligence, so stay tuned.


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2016ea cup draft team squad and lineup released

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2016 EA Champions League draft links on 20 July morning ended, the official website of the studio to draft process were broadcast live. After the draft through the drawing of lots to complete the grouping of EA Champion Cup group match, the national team in the next time can be selected in accordance with the squad for training, fully prepare for the EA for the Champions League race.Ea Champions League match in silver Hall of Shanghai World Expo Center on July 23, 13:00-19:00 and July 24 10:00-18:00 were.

Team tournament format: the points system, three rounds of competition, team each team will and the other 3 teams were a Bo1 game, every game sent a player and each player can only in the group match played a. After the end of the group stage, group integral of the top two teams get qualify for the semi-finals.

Semi final tournament: the KOF knockout system, a set of integral first place against group B integral second, group B integral first place against a set of integral second place. The winning team will enter the finals.

Ronly (China): Paul Pogba. Harry Kane, Guevara, David Luiz, pique, Costa, Luke Shaw, Christian Eriksen, Arjen Robben, handanovic, perisic, Sergio Busquets, Carlos Tevez, gundogan, Luiz Gustavo, Mesut Ozil, Lavezzi, Carvajal, Kadido Coulibaly, arnautovic, Kool Zava, Begovic
Gold (Indonesia):c. Ronaldo, Thiago Silva, Hummels, Alabama, Schneiderlin. Waldi, fee Kiel, Danny Alves, mkhitaryan, Patel n roots, K. Korman, Winston Reid, Cavani, Baines, regarding Javier Mascherano Connaught, sun Xingmin, Bela Siino, Claudio Bruno, Otamendi, cork, Bernie, Sami Khedira, basta
Bartoshuk Yayi tiger (Malaysia): Luis Suarez, Daniele De Rossi, Neuer, Luka Modric, Neymar, Smolin, Vincent kompany, B. Muboluo angstroms. Jackson Martinez. Nainggolan, lichtsteiner, Matuidi, Danilo, La Caze Siti. Sprinkle Dior, Manet, Ricardo Rodriguez, Ao Liji, Iniesta, Casimiro, umm titi, Arda, Turan, Rene Adler.
Dragons (Vietnam): Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Messi, Nemanja matic, Giorgio Chiellini, Gonzalo Higuain, Aspen pirri que kobita, Azar, Ivanovic, Andrea Barzagli, loris, Juan Fran, Mary, Juan cuadrado Rojo, M. Gordon Bei Lai, Memphis, DS Pei. Tiot, Skrtel, ander Herrera, Huntelaar, Goetze Navas
Lions (Singapore):j. Boateng, Sergio Ramos, Vidal, Sergio Aguero, A. Sanchez, Douglas Costa, Marcelo, manolas, Wayne Rooney, Petr Cech, Sturridge, Gael Clichy, Jordan Henderson and Dibala, Gignac, Franck Ribery, Ramsey, Siliguri, Pablo Zabaleta, fernandinho, Oscar, Klein, Marco Vilati
TNP (Thailand): Aubameyang, Godin, Lewandowski, Courtois, Gary Cahill, James Rodriguez, Moussa Sissoko, man Zhu Qi, vertonghen, Alex Sandro, payer, Cory Chauvet Senanayake, Martin Caceres, Gaby, Lamela, de Frii, boaracy, Beibei, Toni Kroos, stone Xuanjun, Coleman, Transylvania horse, Buffon
Adidas (Republic of Korea): Lukaku, Debroux Ihne, glibenclamide Saltzman, Royce, Pepe, Sven bender, koscielny, marchal, Rakitic, naldo, Felipe Luis, Hulk, Ki, shadley, Vermaelen and draxler, BA Ba_luoteli, witsel and Alessio cerci. Dempsey, e. Bailey, Joe Hart, ancient Yiliemei

James has notified the knight will renew the timetable is unknown

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Brian Windhorst reports, sources said, Knight headed star LeBron James has informed the Cavaliers he will be in the summer to contract with the team, but he did not give specific negotiation and signing of the contract schedule.

Currently, James is working with his family on vacation, it is reported that he will meet with his agent Paul Ricci, and then make his choice of contract, but according to sources, these things will not happen soon.

Under the existing rules, James has a variety of contract choice, he can like the past two years with the Cavaliers signed an annual salary of $27.5 million 1 contract, or sign a starting salary of $30.8 million years of the contract.

James is the total champion knight team several still not signing one of the members of the other several including jr- Smith and the team coach ty – Lu.

Earlier there were reports that jr- Smith is seeking a $1500 million new contract, but the knight of the price differences, so the two sides are still negotiating.

Sources said that when the issue of James’s contract with jr- Smith’s contract extension does not matter.


The Elder Scrolls Online:The most difficult combat skills to use

Enchanting skills upgrading:

First in the blessing of Taiwan demolition equipment picked up the enchanted, after the demolition of the, you will be able to attach the same magic in your own equipment. Tear down equipment will enhance the skills of enchanting ~ and the assembly is not repeated, the equipment of the same magic properties, you can only remove a

As for the ordinary equipment to pick up, especially weapons, directly sell silly.
When to buy two magic “soul trap” and “courage”, then buy a heap of cheap pettylesser soul stone, venture out, encounter small animals (deer, fox, rabbit what), first with courage and hit it so that he will ran against you, rather than run away
Then soul trap (close) method is applied to it. Finally, you kill it, you can get a full pettylesser soul stone the (depends on your kill animals). After the end of the adventure, you should found a large quantity of waste equipment and full of n soul stone, and abuse of small animals also will enhance the combat skills.Well, run to bless and Taiwan, first of all, the weapon for you to pick up all the blessing (ice, fire, electricity) magic attack, so their prices will over 10 times = =, and blessing a lot of waste will also improve your

Enchanting skills.
Then pick up the blessings to the armor, little soul stone to the skills the blessing of the good, so the price will not be over 10 times, but will still be skills upgrading enchanting ~ if there is surplus soul stone, it is recommended you all off.
Thus, your money amount will rose, the rich oil and enchanting will rose ~, continue to buy the little soul stone ~ cycle. Enchanting skills to 60 time, you put enchanting in the first perk can get high get more high and the “armor buffs 25% enhancement of perk points.
(enchanting and other magic skills practice, recommended to activate the mage stone, effectively enhance the experience value growth, is that on top of the hole of the strange stone)
Blacksmith skills upgrading:
Blacksmith skills only by using the blacksmith furnace to ascend, you collect the soul stone to kill so many small animals, should have a lot of fur. Well, first in tiejianglu side of the wallet to skins to make leather. Then go to put these skins are used, are made of leather of leather. The simpler the better, because the blacksmith experience is according to create a number of times to improve the… Those shoes, gloves what… Although there is waste, but chaos to build it. Try to upgrade their skills, don’t leave excess material.
Occasionally carrying picks to mine (start of the robber task has a large number of iron ore, and a bit of iron to the silver, the magic book Yin Chengjin). See iron ore hit it, then do not to the iron ore are made of material.
These jewelry, good left several ring, necklace and useful for the future. Without the soul stone simple enchantment spell after sell, and is a lot enchanting skills and

Improvement of combat skills:
First go to buy some empty grand soul stone (super) and great soul stone (big) these things are very useful
Practicing your bow, ran the task during kill see kill mammoths and giant can, shot went to the stone, mammoths and giant, will turn and run, then you can shoot, he ran away, you from the stone down, he will head back against you, it’s time for you to shoot again, shoot shoot!.
Very good, block shot dead time, and ran up with soul trap magic alignment mammoths and giant display, so you kill him, it will be a valuable full grand soul gem or great soul gem the. These things very useful!
If you are only grand soul stone, do not use trap soul magic to kill the giant, so the giant’s soul great will be put into your only grand soul stone, wasted a $500 empty grand soul stone.
Practicing sword, just to get a summoning spells, summoning something, then you with a sword to those things hacked to death can be. The growth of a large number of combat experience and long call skills, very simple, why not.

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A3s black magic experience to teach you 1300 seconds on the a3s injury


A lot of people stuck in the a3s, so here to do experience Raiders a a3s, we can see, also can discuss details like the approach and I, my approach is not necessarily suitable for each player, can have the most familiar with their own set of play is for their best game!

First hand p1:: given P1 of the fixed time, and at this stage the black magic chant is very low, I suggest that the ice 3 hands; there is a detail is thunder immediately after 3, recommended the ability is passion chant Tianyu quiet, for is in P2 CD to turn back.

I now use the stage hands order: preread ice – instant Thunder – passion Tianyu quiet Fire 3 black Mageweave Meng – Fire – Fire 1-3 * fire – Fire – 2 x 4 fire, ice, of course, if the trigger lightning, please you own judgment can be inserted into the timing.

P1 normal can play a full 2 fire cycle turn ice, must play the last one to play the last skill to maintain the full time of the ice 3buff, this can try to ice 3, can also be 3 after the ice 1;
Then said stance and movement. 3 during the preread ice 3 glides immediately ray, please ran to the boss is the side close to the boss’s position, position after determining Fire 3 black magic pattern, using sliding escaped the first wave, black magic pattern before the end of the last skill slide to the periphery to avoid naming the flushing, yellow circle can be greedy greedy, above is P1 need to pay attention to the place.
Then p2:
Aether step immediately bought Tianyu finally keep the full ice buff in P2 hands can not replace the role: if the passionate upturn, hand before you passion – hand appeared, the fire 3 – (passion) – fire, the fire 4 x 3, the flames (this time fly), P1 last full of ice buff can make this a series of skills without any waste of time. Then the blow fly, my own is immediately chant Fire 4, then if you need to send poison, please treat white magic in place, the choice of Fire 4 Ethernet or immediate Fire 4 ice 3 Ethernet transmission white magic, here provided a etheric poison is sent details: first, immediate chant Fire 4 stages can be appropriate to go make your path to avoid the crowd.Second, the white magic etheric steps need to you a tiny mobile to ensure virus transmission success. Third, please set a cut back to the shortcuts on the objects, convenient to wear during detoxification period can be directly cut back to the boss, to ensure immediately read the article. If there is no point after you pass on the poison, then feel at ease in the out of plane had finished playing skills, to turn the ice, in place of white magic and send it back. Not later than the ice 3 after the ray.
2. Then the normal cycle of the output until the second bomb flying, the projectile fly landing read after ice 3. Choose the correct target to the Tianyu (what is right on target: you play after flying reading will not because your goal is pulled far caused by broken read the article). Fire 3 rear white magic, back to the place.
3, equalization: the proposed black magic all skills single point, before the equalization of the hang of mine is not, the black magic can be opened early but it is best not to open late.
P3 p3: to believe that is stuck many team a place there is no fixed style, but here I can say some black magic to do basic points: 1, Tianyu try not to break: Fire 4 black magic and can only fire 1 Black Magic have essential difference; 2. Black magic pattern can see circumstances, such as the first lines did not point you can. Don’t get bogged down in the black magic pattern, the how to play on how to play; 3, black magic as far as possible do not choose less blood Daguai, unless the strange to the periphery; 4, a target as far as possible not to play more than two fire technology;
P4: 1, enter the P4, you can fire 3, can also be ice, which are never mind, please do not use immediately under the condition of the fastest cast into the fire 3, passion Amagatarai body, fire 1, 4 lines of fire, please use during instant flames and immediately to reduce output. The magnetic flux loss. After, please try to set in between, you can step from the etheric nurse, to determine their own skills according to the order of 3 AOE Amagatarai time, even after the best open sprint, sliding to the corresponding periphery, as is their skills constantly, 2, washing water treatment is the combination of skills, usually continue reading skills, aiming at it appears yellow circle after this point in time before the treatment group to which you are standing near the boss range to eat at the nurse to slide while avoiding the second wave; 3, flush the virus transmitted the same 3 even after sliding to the periphery, sliding hide yellow circle at Physical virus transmitted: poison in your body, then wait for the nurse to meet again to the middle closer to, the poison not in you need you to determine whether or not to pick t poison, where you can run, can also be the etheric step.
P5 1: if the smooth circulation, then the outpouring of P5 will enter the cycle of a new Tianyu. After pouring please first time find DPS of the station’s position on black magic pattern; 2, carefully with big can attack rhythm, ice 3 and ice a dozen hands, ice 4 continued Tianyu, fire 3 open fierce to the outbreak, here we are poet lb, of course, I have a tendency to put on the poet, as long as the black magic can play the some output; 3, finished the hand back after is virus transmission and similarly. The rest is not normal displacement output!
P6, basically no DPS many things a stage, handle the lines can be, to reduce the loss of their output by immediate chant! The other but I digress. The poet only give me sing a double hands, then there is no magic!!! And the video did not deliberately to record, finally errors also have, so there are still space to improve the.

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WOW 7: Rogue leveling and talent selection expertise recommendation

Specialization choice: keen
A keen sense of combat expertise both Daguai, speed and endurance are three optimal.
Shadow strike with 25 yards of the automatic transfer to find the back. In the absence of the speed of the outbreak of the 7, the displacement effect is particularly precious. Dark can also be used to fight through the terrain.
A soothing dark sharp talent, 3%. The whole life per second sneak reply without food and drink.
Initial excellent artifact trait support:
1. Each trait 5% increase in biting crit rate (leveling with holy maximum increased 25% crit rate above. The role of the 20%).7.0 early green character attributes is very high, full level 5h phase reactor near 50 crit.6.2 graduated from the 100 level characters crit rate also is high, rogue landlord reduced to 108 wear blue green task installed there are still 30% crit, through the blessing of artifact traits, biting crit rate easily surpass 50% (in actual combat, you will found biting total in the non-stop crit.
2.Immune drop damage, 7 of the map is more rugged, altitude gap, with this trait can be the incarnation of a thief, saving time on foot.
3.Points out the traits jump only 5 artifact level. According to Blizzard recently on the artifact adjustment, before 13 artifact consumption artifact points very little. Point out the 5 o’clock sharp artifact characteristics, not only great value for money and did not affect the major other specialization. Send the points all add to the assassination of before the landlord, to 108 keen artifact level to level 4. Recommend 100 first time to make sharp artifact. And will get in the artifact points all add to the sharp artifact until 5 artifact level.
General idea:
Contrast sharp thief major injury skills,35 energy 1 stars 30 thousand and 5 damage, very poor choice.40 energy 1 star (natural selection premeditated after is a 2 star) 8 million 6 damage, stealth, or shadow dance was cast. The shadow strike is the main save satellite technology and displacement techniques, moderate damage.35 energy (5 stars above the piercing through the merciless combat support will be back 40 energy), damage to the explosion!
Nightsaber is legion of new skills, damage good, but dot and the efficiency of our strange ideas seconds is not consistent. Used only in the solo elite.
Piercing the base damage of the explosion, and God is trait crit bonus, the biting become the preferred output technology. So the output ideas, quick save stars and play biting. Backstab star low damage and low energy consumption low, as we do not want to use the skills. Give up backstab means to fight the dark become the main save satellite technology. While shadow dance only 3 layer charge must be to figure out a way to do shadow dance full continue to stall.

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The Mashing Style Of Globe Of Warcraft’s Huge Raids


The rules of your game at this level weren’t only set by Blizzard developers but in addition by the WoW neighborhood itself. The obligations and stresses of Planet of Warcraft had been created by us

Exodus, one of Planet of Warcraft’s highest-ranked raiding guilds, disbanded in 2013. Shortly after, in a Facebook post dated April 26, 2013, guild leader Killars spoke out about the guild’s dissolution: “It’s absolutely becoming a extra challenging breed to become a component of. What I imply by this can be of course the time commitment along with the amount of sheer dedication and determination it requires and charges to become at the really top ratedHowever we (hardcore raiders) pushed as well challenging. Tier right after tier we just preserve adding for the insanity in both farming preparations and actual progressing. It’s nearly as if progression itself never definitely ends after an finish tier boss dies. Combine this with Blizzard actually placing new content material out faster, alts playing a massive part, PTR/BETA, dailies, coins, BMAH, nicelyyou simply get lost in it all.”

This degree of intensity is, needless to say, not shared by just about every single raiding guild in Planet of Warcraft. Even so, the behaviors do repeat themselves enough across guilds and across servers to show a trend in the type of culture and ideology made by hardcore players. The result is often a vicious cycle of addictive behavior that may be spurred on by a group of enablers-twenty-four other guildmates participating in the same guild culture.
Globe of Warcraft’s original raiding content was arguably one of the most demanding on its players, requiring the 40-person raiding teams to log numerous hours progressing through content. On his blog Hardcore Casual, WoW player SynCaine wrote a post in 2007 titled “Looking within the Mirror; the Sickness that Was WoW Raiding.” The author was the main tank for any top-tier raiding guild, too as an officer in the guild’s hierarchy. The guild raided six nights per week, starting around 7 p.m. and ending about 1 or two a.m.

SynCaine talks about how he supplied more hours around his raiding schedule to supply upkeep and preparation help for the guild and its raids, and only missed a raid if he “was on holiday (uncommon) or on account of some emergency (also rare),” adding, “I planned movies/dates/dinners/etc. around raids.”

SynCaine’s raiding attendance was around 90-95%, but regardless of his effort and the quantity of hours he spent outdoors of raiding, he writes:

I usually felt I might be performing extra, that our guild was not progressing quickly enough, that we were not mastering encounters as quickly as we should be, or that our membership was not stable enough to push quicker. I spent a good volume of time on our guild forums discussing methods to improve our progress and boost our pace. I try to remember having frustrated with members who wouldn’t log on regularly, or who had to leave a raid halfway in. We knew precisely who our very best healer/DPS/support players have been; we had the guild all-stars and we had the rest. I could take a single look at a raid and know if we had a possibility for progress or not, merely based on how a lot of of our ‘key’ players had been on that evening. The players who, like me, have been regularly online and put inside the further work to study up on approaches and farm up potions/buff things. It was a continual work to discover those types of players to replace those that ‘only’ raided 3-4 nights per week, these that didn’t put within the 2-3 hours to farm up potions or read substantial approach write-ups.

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