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With the fierce competition on the 2017 The new FIFA 17 change confluence


EA masterpiece FIFA 17 and 2017 between the football competition is intensified, the two party to work to optimize, add new elements to each other with a potential pressure head, distance from the offer period closer to each other, smoke flavor also more intense. However, the game player is a good thing, we look at the surface one side – buy fifa 17 coins at present. The details of the confluence of propaganda

Overall strengthening of body collision details
1, joined the “push technology” (pushback Tech), all can be used with or without the ball case, this can let the players better hold opponents, in order to create opportunities for his teammates.
2, an increase of more players and more complex such as collision, collision and the player will make a goalkeeper, two steals and two parallel players in the scramble for the ball the reasonable collision and so on.
3, to strengthen the protection of the ball skills, EA called the 360 degree full shield”

Teammates will be more intelligent
1, the active intelligent system (active intelligence system). Therefore, all the players know the space will be improved, they will analyze the players around and, in order to create a gap or a better chance to attack.
2 teammates will produce false self running, flexible cover, active collusion and other special actions.

The frost engine
1, the frost engine can make players more facial reduction
2, “journey” mode to help present a more real life segment

Complex choices will make it harder to increase
1, penalties and direct free kick, you can control the player’s stance and running direction.
2, corner kick and indirect free kick, you can choose the ball.
3, a throw in, you can choose to throw the position in a certain range, you can even make a throwing fake.

Attack improved even more sharp
1, the new “instep shot” allows players to play the ball, “low speed” more threatening to the goalkeeper.
2, the header, the players can be as real as in the case of the ball hit the ground to the goalkeeper impossible to guard against.
3, the player can control the character came with an arc across the ball, so that the other defender is more difficult to defend.
4, the goalkeeper is also able to launch a quick attack.
Norway women’s teamFIFA
Game every year, the new team, Norway women’s football midfielder on social software released her country will be included in the FIFA 17, and released a working group of the production of photographs.

FIFA 17 Globe Cup championship

FIFA 17 Globe Cup championship acquiringobtainingreceivingfindinggetting autilizing millions of 300 1000 bonus game than beauty

EA prior day the situation announcement would go to turn out to be buy fifa 17 coins to make the classic FIFA game Globe Cup game, as being a large-scale EA game project, its total prize cashearningsdollarsrevenue of $countless 300 1000.

It’sreally reported that FIFA U17 globe cup with FIFA ultimate group mode, by means of each week tournament to challenge list, effectivelyefficientlycorrectlyproficientlyproperly grew to become part of their e-mail report on gamers scheduled October regional qualifier network also because the regional champions is usuallygenerallyfrequently to register inside a completely new upgraded kind of “game FIFA Globe Cup competition” utilizingusing the numerous regions concerning the globe championship, scheduled Feb qualifier, scheduled August Championship final, championship may be utilizingusing the well-knownfamouspopular star than capabilitiesabilities, increased to turn out to be an affiliate in the Football Honours, just just like the FIFA globe is 2010 champion with well-knownfamouspopular game in contrast tocompared toin comparison towhen in comparison to game capabilitiesabilities.

FurthermoreAdditionallyIn additionFurthermoreAlsoOn the leadingrankedmajor of the, the regional competitors to assist 1 PS4, Xbox, PcPcLaptopComputerComputer system game, FIFA game Globe Cup game is utilizingusing the host, for example 1 PS4, Xbox platform.

The frost FIFA 17 engine, scheduled September 27th launch, laptop pcpclaptopcomputercomputer method version in the identical host Xbox 1, preciselyparticularly preciselyparticularly exactly the same top quality, PS4, PcPcLaptopComputerComputer system platform.

Pokemon Go Apple user optional custom gesture lost wizard ball


In the spirit of treasure can dream go, in addition to Apple users can type L and drop method experience curve

Pokémon Go Account listed in Taiwan for nearly two weeks, Daren cheat springing up springing up, the more mass L type curve is more likely to capture the monster, the technique is the baby to move the ball to the left of the screen angle, along the edge of the screen, throw ball to baby, is a perfect L type, but this method is considered to be a bug, probably in the next update cannot so successfully grasp the blame.

Fellow trainer to walk on the road to successfully throw a ball to baby easily catch blame, comprising the steps set open, add gesture to draw gestures that spin on the ball, after recording to determine the new gesture, a gesture name (in order to be better find) – > customize the top menu – > the gesture just added (complete) using, assistive touch > General > auxiliary

L type baby ball must be cast

Move the baby to the lower left corner of the screen, the screen edge lost the baby ball (L type), then the baby will automatically go to treasure the ball can be lost in the past, but this method is currently considered a bug, the subsequent version may be modified.

NBA 2k17 ordinary retail version of the cover star was officially released

he is to be the fans called “pickle” Paul George. At the same time, nba2k online also officially announced Paul George to become the image of spokesmen. Paul George therefore took over the mantle of James Wong, a Leblanc James after another at the same time nba2k online and at the same time nba2k stand-alone sequel to speak of the “double ended” spokesperson.

NBA 2k17 is the latest in the past 15 years to evaluate the first NBA video game series, will be available for sale in September 20, 2016.

George Paul, who was the first to be on the 2K NBA for the first time this season, has scored 23.1 points in the regular season in the NBA 2015-16 regular season.

“I but grew up playing NBA 2K grew up, was honored as the NBA 2k17 cover athlete, this for me is a great gift and sure, let me inside and outside the field of the hard work has paid off,” led the team scored the 2015-2016 NBA playoffs Paul George said. “I very happy to celebrate my basketball career entered a new milestone and 2k and cooperation to assist the NBA 2K series more superstratum building.”

We all know that George is a NBA 2K diehard game player, and he and 2K origins. He served as mynba 2k16 applications cover star, and in June 1, 2016 held NBA 2k16 towards the championship road “$250 thousand in a championship as a guest commentator. George in addition to global partnership with 2K..nba2k online NBA 2K online cover star products also will serve as the Chinese area is authorized by the official NBA game, Tencent in cooperation with 2K, nba2k series of basketball game for the prototype to build a sports network game. In nba2k online, you can experience the real NBA exciting basketball game, can also try to play street team, publicity personality, more able to collect the League superstar, build team Dynasty, to win a championship.

“Every year, NBA 2K series of games continue to thrive, but our emphasis is placed in the creation can cause diehard players resonates gaming experience,” NBA 2K, vice president of marketing Alfie Brody said. “Paul for as cover star, however, he can say is we present and available to the specific embodiment of the wonderful players and basketball fan.”

To celebrate the good news, 2K also announced today that it will again host the NBA 2K early kickoff weekend activities, so that fans can than the official release date to September 20, four days earlier to get the full version of the game. Players in the relevant channels pre NBA 2k17, since September 16 week five (than the official release date to September 20, four days earlier) to get the game, but also access to the contents of the following:

5000 NBA 2k 17 mt; – myteam game, as was originally intended bundle package (package consists of three sets of combinations, to ensure that there will be Paul George free player cards) – there are other more exciting content will be announced at a later date

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Previewing the invasions of Legion Demon

The game developer of World of Warcraft is delighted to declare the next stage in the World of Warcraft: Legion pre-expansion to be available from 09th of August, 2016. There is the preservation of each region and it begins on 09th of August. Similarly, the raid of Burning Legion on Azeroth is to take place. The players that have bought the expansion as a pre-purchase can be able to create their first Demon Hunters. The gamers can buy wow gold from the prominent online gaming house, Igxe.Com in the most affordable price as they have to be conscious about the price of gold when the release of Legion is in progress.
The pre-expansion patch of World of Warcraft is taking place soon. It indicates that great deals of alterations and improvements are to be available in the game. Most probably, in the second or third week of August, the gamers can have a sensation of alterations. These alterations will not cross over 17th of August around the world. The gamers that have got the time to play around with the patch can seize the feel of alterations. However, there are some angry attackers that are going to begin drop out of skies throughout Azeroth. Each attack of demon occurs in four stages. Similarly, each stage concludes with a prize of Nethershards. There is a chest sometimes. It means it is often a good time to move in a hurry and battle with the Legion.
A week elapses after the attack starts taking place. The physical attack of Legion is to take place to strengthen. Then, after a week, the demonic onslaught is to force much. It is enhancing the chances of gamer to finish the event-only achievements of standing against The Legion for finishing one invasion. The defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions is for finishing invasions in all six locations. Visiting Igxe.Com helps the gamers buy wow gold cheaply and procured gold makes the gamer fast start procuring the necessary items to equip the characters while attempting to hit the cap. On the contrary, gaining gold often time consuming task because of the tough competition among the players.
increasing loots
When the gamer takes part invasion of demon and start receiving Nethershards, the gamer is to grasp them. The gamer procures sufficient and the gamer can spend them upon all kinds of transmogrification armor. There would be four ensembles being available including plate, mail, leather and cloth. The new pieces are available for trinket slots, back, fingers, the event-only Felbat pup battle pet along with other useful items.

While talking about weapons, the gamer is to often disclose the chest that gamer possess from the invasions of demon. It is as they have an option to drop one of sixteen event-only weapons including Niskaran Morning Star or Staff of the Inquisition. At the level of item, 700, these weapons would be more in comparable to accumulation of a transmogrification item for gamer. They would be accurate thing to choose and swing at the face of nearest demon. To buy wow gold in handmade, the gamers can take a visit at

The Storyline of Legion, the sixth expansion set of World of Warcraft

The Storyline of Legion, the sixth expansion set of Planet of Warcraft

As Archimonde is being conquered at Hellfire Citadel upon the exchanging timeline planet of Draenor, Gul’dan is driven via a portal to Azeroth of the big timeline to release a path for the burning Legion to attack wonderful deals of numbers in comparable for the War of your olden a large number of years.
Although discovering the concealed vaults with the Broken Isles, Gul’dan figures out a dark crystalline jail that is occupied by the dead body of Illidan Stormrage. It truly is the past Lord of Outland that was killed through the occasions of your Burning Crusade. The Archmage Khadgar assisted to direct the Alliance and Horde player characters against Gul’dan. Likewise, the Iron Horde around the alternate Draenor acted because the witness from the comeback in the burning Legion. Then, it flies for the city of Stromwind to notify King Varian Wrynn on the impending attack. The characters of player together with bypassed demon hunters have to get accustomed to master artifact weapons and relics with the Titans that keep the energy to shut the attack of Legion. As the occasions of Legion have been going on, there appeared two characters and deemed them lost. Nonetheless, Alleria and Turalyon are to seem.
The in-game currency of
World of Warcraft is gold. The gamers should obtain buy wow gold in the expert online gaming home to alleviate their vital demand of gold inside the gameplay of Planet of Warcraft. Gold assists the gamers obtain the essential weapons and armors to begin decorating the characters. With out the decorated or equipped characters, it truly is tough to perform properly in the distinct battles too as dungeons. An equipped character tends to make the gamer kill quite a few monsters inside the battle. Then, it becomes much easier to get gold from loot because the monsters drops the loots when the character kills them.
the backdrop of Legion
The game is depicted years
following the occasions of Warlords of Draenor. In addition, it happens in the Broken Isles. It really is an island chain within the neighborhood of the Maelstrom and it is actually in the middle in the Wonderful Sea. Within the starting, it was the segment of earlier supercontinent of Kalimdor. The isles had been propelled to the base of the Excellent Sea immediately after breaking into the components as it was ten-thousand year earlier. Aegwynn applied it since it was the Guardian of Tirisfal to jail the dead physique of avatar of Sargeras. Similarly, it was the titan and leader in the Burning Legion.

As the occasions of Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness were going on, the Orc warlock Gul’dan elevated the islands from the sea-floor to seek out the tomb. Illidan afterward found the tomb in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. The gamers can obtain six zones within the Broken Isles including Azsuna, The Broken Shore, Highmountain, Stormheim, Suramar and Val’sharah. The city of Dalaran served as the unbiased capital city in Northrend throughout the time of Wrath from the Lich King. This city is situated in the southern segment in the Broken Isles to supply a bottom for the Alliance and Horde forces to attack against the Legion. The gamer can now invest in wow gold from Igxe.Com and get in to the game of Legion as soon as it becomes made public.

NBA 2k17 to join the classic team 92 years dream team

Whenever we look back in 1992 that session of the USA basketball dream team felt he was watching the performance of a by the history of the NBA’s greatest players, and now announced the inclusion of this session of the dream team in the pre order bonus of DLC.

The Olympic dream team can be described as brilliant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Byrd, Charles Barkley, the in 2k17 you will can be with them and active Xiao Nianqing have positive exchange blows.

This is Charles Barkley and Christian laettner first appeared in 2K series of games. The rest of the members of the dream team in the previous games have appeared, but they were in their team and it is also a game in their first meet.

At the same time 2K also announced that in 2016 the United States men’s national basketball team will also become a member of the classic team, this time you will be able to see. Coach on the bench coups.

《NBA 2K17》Will be synchronized landing in September 20th Xbox, One PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC platform
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SWTOR Was rated only 75 points EA executives are not happy


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Although < Star Wars: front > global sales of more than 14 million copies, EA also earn basin full earthen bowl is full, but that doesn’t mean everyone was satisfied, such as score website Metacritic is given 75 points results, EA executives Patrick Soderlund also so and not happy.

“I think our team to build a very good work, also to honor the previous promise. This game is released after the performance is also very good, with other EA games, compared to a completely different level, no matter from what angle said, are very successful” Patrick a disgruntled face said, “75 points of evaluation can make us happy? Obviously not.”

Although no single player mode was added, but this game or in Star Wars: Awakening force > assists and achieved remarkable results.

EA’s chief financial officer, also revealed a Star Wars: Frontline 2 news, said sequel will create a bigger and more spectacular in the world, and will be the new movie content as the plot of the game.

According to EA revealed that the New Star Wars game plan to launch a year, at least in the next three or four years, this is guaranteed.