Final Fantasy 14 Director On New Expansion Stormblood’s Jobs, Size, Quests, And more

By | June 16, 2017

Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Stormblood looks to develop upon its predecessor Heavensward by introducing a wealth of new content material although also implementing modifications to much better streamline its mechanics as a whole.

Stormblood’s significant additions consist of new dungeons, new raids (with 1 taking spot in Final Fantasy Tactics’ Ivalice), swimming and diving, new zones, and two new jobs: Red Mage and Samurai. But the expansion is also altering the game’s established mechanics in additional drastic ways. One example is, you no longer have to level up other jobs so as to acquire the cheap SWTOR Credits skills and abilities important to play your character’s primary job. You’re now in a position to merely choose and select from a list of abilities that you simply would’ve otherwise needed to grind other jobs for. And using the addition with the Job guage, which assists you retain track of essential sources and visualize crucial factors, there look to become a lot of fine-tuned adjustments coming in Stormblood that strengthen the general good quality of life in Final Fantasy XIV.

What exactly can we anticipate from the Return to Ivalice content material?

First and foremost, for the reason that this can be an alliance raid, you’ll be going in with 24 players to experience the storyline as well as the different battles. But within the content, the realm of Ivalice–which you could be acquainted with by means of Final Fantasy: Techniques and Final Fantasy 12–appears in Final Fantasy XIV as more of a redesign or maybe a reinterpretation than a remade conversion.

With regards to who’s operating on the situation, even though, Yasumi Matsuno–the creator of Ivalice–is involved in the creation of this content material, so there could potentially be a facet of Ivalice that might not happen to be depicted elsewhere. Even so, considering that this really is content material that we’ll constantly update for any long time period, we’ll be sure to share much more information once it really is prepared.

We also have prolific character designer and director Keita Amemiya joining us inside the graphics division primarily as a boss character designer. Resulting from his extensive work across both film and games, he features a fresh point of view that the principle Final Fantasy XIV group might not have. We are hoping that a few of the boss battles are going to be pretty refreshing since of his unique take on style.

In case you could describe every single Final Fantasy XIV Gil expansion in a single word, what words would you use?

That’s a tricky question. Of course, having a Realm Reborn, you can condense it down to “reborn.” It would unquestionably be “expand” for Heavensward. As for Stormblood, I think “evolution” will be the most fitting.